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 Tri-County North Community Association

LEwisburg, Ohio

2014 Steak Fry & Auction 2014 Steak Fry & Auction Park is getting ready for the Steak Fry. Mark is enjoying the outdoors. It was a good day to be outside. 194230442 We had a VIP with us. It is Anthony Pizzo home after serving in the Army. Also pictured is his proud family, Steve, mother Stacy Manning and Anthony's sisters Ashley and Michaela. 194230455 Thank you Anthony for your service and welcome home!!! 194230451 Of course we appreciate everyone who came to the Steak Fry. 194230439 People seem to enjoy the delicious food and visiting with friends and family. 194230444 Here is some of the food on the menu. 194230445 It was all good- there were a lot of compliments about the food. 194230452 Some people enjoyed eating outside. 194230443 Others decided to play outside after they ate. 194230441 Yum...there were a lot of sweet choices available to buy at the auction. 194230447 More delicious items to bid on. 194230449 It wasn't all food; did you see the signature on this baseball. 194230453 Here is another item to bid on that was not on the list. 194230438 There was something for everyone. There were sports tickets, tickets to other places of interest and the list goes on & on. 194230454 The success of this event is due to the generous donations of many people along with the people who came for the meal and participated in the auction. Thank you EVERYONE. Because of you... we are going to enjoy another year of fantastic, spectacular and incredible fireworks. :) 194231058