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 Tri-County North Community Association

LEwisburg, Ohio

Open House & Bingo May 3, 2014 Open House & Bingo May 3, 2014 The sign serves as a reminder that this is a Community Center for the Tri-County North district through the joint efforts of the Tri-County North Association and the Village of Lewisburg. 192072306 It was a beautiful day for the Open House. This day, this building, is made possible due to the generous donations and hard work from people in our area and around our area. Just remember, there is still more to do. You can help through donations and/or volunteering. 192072305 Jeff stressed the following: "Working Together" Coming Together is a beginning; Keeping together is progress; Working together is success. 192074699 Mark welcomed everyone and thank people who volunteer and donated. Both are necessary for the success of the Center. 192072323 Pat Putnam also spoke and took time to thank CTC for their work. Also in this picture is Jeff Sewert and Ron Kauffman. 192072309 Ron Kauffman, a CTC instructor is recognized for all the work the students have done. 192072311 Todd Applethorn presenting a much needed gift from Heeter Insurance Company - a clock. 192072308 How appropriate to have Jean Heeter, Bonnie Tucker and Todd Applethorn here today. 192072326 Park is recognizing the monetary donors and those who provided the labor and supplies for the Center. It is important to remember all of the work Park himself has done on the building too. 192072318 The ribbon is about to be cut by some of the people who worked on the Center. 192072312 This is just a few people who worked hard on the Center. 192072316 This is a picture of some of the people who attended the Open House. 192072325 It is good to see such a good turn out. 192072319 These are more than observers, they are some of the people who worked many hours to make this day possible. 192072317 Refreshments were served and it was delicious. 192072321 A picture of some of the people who attended Bingo. 192072313 Another picture of some of the people who attended. 192072314 And still another picture of people who were there. 192072315 Our clown reminds us of the Carson & Barnes Circus coming on July 5th. 192072307 The Welcome Area has a lot of information announcing events planned for this year. Check us out if you haven't done so yet. 192074850